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Contact with us

We will determine the scope of the study and consult with you on the research tool

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We develop and implement the study

We will conduct a survey in our panel with over 200,000 respondents!

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You get the results with analysis

We will prepare a report on the conducted survey along with recommendations.

Our panelists

Below we present the structure of the Badanie Opinii panel, defined by sample
data that characterizes our Panelists.

Gender breakdown
Housing status
Monthly income per person
Size of the household
Proffesional situation
Volume of residence
Do You own a desktop computer
Are You using a laptop
Do You own a tablet
Who is Your network mobile operator?
What kind of tariff do You have?
Do You have a car
How often do You eat out a month?
How often do You order meals on a monthly basis?
Where do You shop?
In which pharmacies do You shop?
Do You decide in Your daily shopping?
What are Your interests?
What kind of sport do You prefer?
In which directions do You travel?
For what purposes o You use the internet?
How long You have been using the internet everyday?
How long You have been watching TV everyday?
Are You listening to the radio?
Do You drink alkohol?
Preferred diet
Interest in clinical trials
Diagnosed diseases

Market Research 

Get to know consumer opinions and gain a competitive advantage in the market

Nowadays, marketing research enables you to discover the proper path of development in the market. Regardless of whether you want to introduce
a new product or examine the market, consumer opinions will provide you with data that will allow you to make the best business decisions. You will gain knowledge that will enable you to plan marketing activities, develop an optimal offer, establish the best pricing policy, and effectively promote your products and services

Wiele zastosowań

Implementations in business

Survey research in a research panel has broad marketing applications. You can conduct advertising and packaging concept studies, brand awareness studies, and marketing strategy studies. Through a research panel, you can also learn about consumer purchasing preferences and price elasticity.

Precyzyjne dotarcie

Precise targeting of customers

No matter what type of research you want to conduct, a key element is reaching your target group. By conducting research in our panel, you can precisely determine the characteristics of the research sample, in other words the people to whom your online survey will be directed. Gender, age, income, and many other socio-demographic data will allow you to create the appropriate customer segmentation.

Możesz liczyć na wsparcie

You can count on the support of experts.

For over 17 years, our experts have effectively supported Polish businesses in market research, making us a guarantee of a reliable research process. We support our clients at every stage of research implementation, from selecting the appropriate methodology, target group, questionnaire development, to research report preparation.

Realizujemy Koło

Badanie Opinii carry out:

Badania rynku

Market research

Badania reakcji na kampanie reklamowe

Price elasticity research

Badania strategii marketingowej

Reactions to advertising campaigns research

Badania preferencji konsumenckich

Product concept research

Badania wizerunki marki

Marketing strategy research

Badania rozpoznawalności marki

Advertising concept research

Badana elastyczności cenowej

Consumer preference research

Badania konceptów produktów

Product competitiveness research

Badania konceptów reklamowych

Brand image research

Badania konkurencyjności produktu

Shopping habits research

Badania zwyczajów zakupowych

Brand recognition research

Badania opinii publicznej

Public opinion research.

Dobór próby

Respondents selection

Our research panel has 200,000 active respondents, which allows you to precisely reach specific customer segments with your survey. This enables comparison of whether and what impact gender, age, place of residence, and other socio-demographic data have on the subject of the study.

Rzetelność badania

Reliably conducted research

Your survey from start to finish is monitored by our team. We make sure that the answers provided by the respondents are substantive and reliable. We support clients in creating the survey questionnaire, adjusting its content and logic to the intended research goals.

Kompleksowa obsługa badania

Comprehensive research service

We will select the appropriate methodology, create a survey questionnaire, and adjust the sample characteristics for the research objectives. After completing the study, you will receive a research report with recommendations. It will contain an analysis of the results obtained, statistical calculations, and research conclusions.

Badania materiałów multimedialnych

Research on multimedia materials

Conducting online surveys allows you to provide respondents with multimedia materials within the survey questionnaire. This enables the presentation of audio, video, and graphic files.

Szybka realizacja badania marketingowego

Quick implementation 

Compared to other research methods (e.g. CATI or focus group research), research conducted using a research panel can be carried out within a few days of commissioning. Online survey research is currently the fastest and most cost-effective research technique!

Rozbudowana logika pytań

Advanced question logic

A research panel allows for the use of filtering questions and transitions, depending on the answers provided by the respondent.

Koło Koło Koło

Would you like to conduct a survey?

Check how we can help you. Our research panel allows us to gather the necessary data for analysis.


Frequently asked Questions 


How much does a survey in a research panel cost?

The cost of the survey depends on many factors, our experts will contact you to determine the details of the implementation. The cost of the survey is influenced by the number of respondents, the nature of the research sample (who the survey is addressed to), and the number of questions. Additionally, the cost of the survey is also affected by the preparation of the research report or specialized statistical calculations.

What types of questions can I create in a survey?

The survey can contain both closed-ended and open-ended questions. We provide full logic for transitions between questions by creating conditions. If you don't have your own questionnaire or have problems creating it, our experts are available to help you.

Will the survey be representative?

Yes. Furthermore, during the survey, we monitor the sample implementation, use an intelligent profiling system, and constantly check the reliability of the answers provided.

How long does it take to conduct a survey?

The duration of the survey depends on many factors (such as the sample size, length of the questionnaire, and targeting group). Typically, the survey takes several business days to complete.

What format will I receive the survey results in?

We provide the research report in MS Word or MS PowerPoint format. The report typically includes a distribution of responses, statistically significant differences, and question crossing. In the summary section of the report, you will also find research conclusions.

How is the panel's survey process?

As a first step, our experts will contact you to establish the implementation process. If you do not have a survey questionnaire, we will help you create one. In the next step, we will code the questionnaire in our system and start the survey. When it is completed, we will notify you and send you the research report.

What is the profile of the respondent?

We provide our clients with access to a database of respondents based on the structure of Polish Internet users. When conducting a survey, it is possible to specify the characteristics of respondents in detail based on their socio-demographic characteristics.

Where do the respondents in the research panel come from?

The respondents available in the research panel voluntarily register in our system. They receive remuneration for completing surveys and are assigned to them based on their socio-demographic characteristics and interests. Currently, our database of respondents has over 200,000 participants!

Badanie Opinii
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