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"Badanie Opinii" is an online service that covers Polish respondents database, which enables us to conduct a wide range of market and opinion research.

By using online surveys and an extensive pool of respondents, we are able to not only reach specific groups of people but also improve the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our research.

We offer both comprehensive online surveys and fast implementation of the survey process.

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Panel Surveys

Our research panel allows us to conduct, among others:

Badanie Opinii

Brand awareness and image research

Badanie Opinii

Evaluation of materials and advertising slogans

Badanie Opinii

Recognition of consumer habits

Badanie Opinii

Evaluation of new product and packaging concepts

Badanie Opinii

Measurement of price elasticity

Badanie Opinii

Social surveys

Advantages of our panel

Our panel survey offer is distinguished by:

  • Express implementation - even within 48 hours!

  • Competitive costs - survey starting from 2-3 PLN!

  • Extensive and constantly expanding consumer database - currently over 200,000 people!

  • Precise targeting of the desired target group

  • Guarantee of sample representativeness

  • Continuous control of user reliability

  • Advanced survey definition module

  • Questionnaires with audio-visual elements

  • System for monitoring sample implementation

  • Intelligent profiling system

  • Automatic generation of summaries and reports

  • Constant support (Helpdesk)

Online Marketing Research

Strengthen your brand position on the market by getting to know consumer purchasing preferences. Expand your knowledge of prevailing trends and consumer behavior. With marketing research in the Badanie-Opinii panel, you can precisely plan your marketing strategy, pricing policy, and brand promotion. Conducting marketing research in our opinion panel will allow you to get the answer to what your customers really want. You will learn their motivations during the purchasing process, expectations, and preferences. Access a database of over 200,000 consumers and conduct marketing research!

In our panel, you can conduct:

  • Diagnosing consumer needs and preferences

  • Product research of concepts

  • Research of advertising concepts

  • Brand awareness research

  • Research of reactions to advertising campaigns

  • Consumer behavior research

  • Brand image research

  • Price elasticity research

Badania marketingowe online

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Our Panelists

Our research panel brings together thousands of clients from many different service and manufacturing industries.

Our panelists are:






Below, we present the structure of the respondents, defined by sample data describing our Panelists:

N > 200 000

Panelist statistics

Health NEW!

Preferred diet
Interest in clinical trials
Diagnosed diseases

Personal data and professional situation

Gender breakdown
Housing status
Monthly income per person
Size of the household
Professional situation
Volume of residence



State of possesion

Do you own a desktop computer
Are you using a laptop?
Do you own a tablet?
Who is your mobile network operator?
What kind of tariff do You have?
Do you have a car?


How often do you eat out a month?
How often do you order meals on a monthly basis?
Where do you shop?
In which pharmacies do you shop?
Do you decide in your daily shopping?


What are your interests?
What kind of sport do you prefer?
In which directions do you travel?
For what purposes do you use the internet?
How long do you been using the internet every day?
How long have you been watching TV every day?
Are you listening to the radio?
Do you drink alcohol?

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our complete offer. We offer a full spectrum of services - from research development, through conducting the survey, to analyzing the results.

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Badanie Opinii Badanie Opinii Badanie Opinii Badanie Opinii Badanie Opinii
Dr Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Frequently asked questions
How long does it take to conduct a survey on Badanie-Opinii.pl panel?

The time of conducting a research on Badanie-Opinii.pl panel is determined individually by our experts. This is based on the various needs of our clients, the sample size, and its characteristics.


How much does conducting a survey on the Badanie-Opinii.pl panel cost?

The cost of the study is determined individually. It is due to the diverse needs of our clients. Write to us at biuro@biostat.com.pl to let us know what kind of study you would like to conduct.

What types of research can be conducted on the panel?

For several years we have been conducting various types of research such as:

  • market research,
  • marketing research,
  • brand research,
  • opinion research,
  • employee research,
  • customer research.

If you would like to conduct research with us, please write to biuro@biostat.com.pl.


Badanie Opinii
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