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The implementation of CAWI research with the help of online surveys is becoming an increasingly popular method of conducting surveys from year to year.

A major advantage of online surveys is their low cost and fast implementation, as opposed to traditional survey methods, CAWI allow for real-time tracking of results.


Surveys are a simple and intuitive tool for obtaining the opinions of a target group. Survey distribution can be done both on one's own respondent database or with the help of a research panel. Surveys enable the acquisition of many valuable research information.

Preferencje zakupowe

Consumer purchasing preferences

Poziom satysfakcji klientów

Customer satisfaction level with provided services

Rozpoznawalność marki

Brand awareness / Social opinions

Sposoby podejmowania decyzji

Ways of making purchasing decisions

Postrzeganie kampanii reklamowej

Perception of the advertising campaign

Chęć polecania marki

Willingness to recommend the brand

Online surveys on a market research panel

By collecting surveys on a market research panel, we gain the possibility of express delivery among the target group. Using the sample characteristics, we also have the possibility of creating individual segments of the group. Their division can be based on both socio-demographic and psychographic features. This allows for specifying in the survey what percentage of particular types of respondents should participate in the study. Among the most common types of metric questions, we use gender, age, income, place of residence, or family situation. The possibility of precise reach to the target group allows for obtaining reliable and accurate data.


Conducting a survey in a professional market research panel is an opportunity to collect surveys among a base of over 200,000 Polish respondents, with fast implementation time and low costs. Conducting a survey in a research panel guarantees the reliability of the given answers and the possibility of precise targeting of the desired target group. An extensive module for defining surveys and monitoring the implementation of the sample ensures the possibility of implementing even the most complex research projects while maintaining the high quality of obtained data.

Online surveys
- wide range of applications

Online surveys have a wide range of applications in research projects. They are an ideal tool for both launching new services on the market and conducting brand research.

Thanks to their low implementation cost and simple methodology, they are suitable for both novice and experienced researchers.

Online surveys can be used to conduct, market research, as well as brand awareness studies.

Surveys are useful for:

  • check Product research
  • check Customer segmentation research
  • check Customer satisfaction
  • check Product packaging research
  • check Concept testing research
  • check Price elasticity research

Benefits of conducting surveys in cooperation with specialists.

Research Methodology

Before starting a research project, it is important to carefully prepare the methodology. The idea and desire to conduct research is just the beginning. It is essential to prepare the survey carefully and select an appropriate research method.

Conducting a Survey

Before starting the survey, it is important to carefully prepare the methodology. The idea and desire to conduct the survey is just the beginning. It is necessary to prepare the questionnaire properly and choose an appropriate research method.

By conducting research on respondents using a panel, you gain access to a database of over 200,000 panelists who are diverse in many ways. Thanks to such an extensive database of respondents, you can easily conduct research on your target group.

Dane demograficzne

Demographic data 

Select survey participants based on: gender, age, place of residence, or declared income.

Sytuacja rodzinna

Family situation 

The data about family situation will allow you to conduct a thorough analysis of the results based, among other things, on the number of people in the household, marital status, or decision-making power during purchases.

Posiadana praca


Knowledge about education, occupation and professional status enables precise segmentation of the target group.

Zwyczaje zakupowe

Shopping habits 

Discover the places visited by respondents while shopping. Where and how often do they shop?

Styl życia


Do the respondents have their favorite brands? What are they interested in? How much time do they spend with a computer?



Obtain information about devices and the frequency of their use by respondents.

Ankiety online

Research results and report

The result of each conducted survey is a database that can be used for further analysis. The best way to present the results of the survey is to prepare a report with charts. Additionally, when working on the database, it is worth delving into statistical dependencies. They are not visible at first glance, but they allow you to look at the results from a completely different perspective.


By choosing to work with specialists, you can order a ready-made report and/or statistical calculations consisting of generated charts for all answers, as well as statistical calculations indicating where there is a significant statistical dependency. In the case of ordering a report, the client receives a full presentation with descriptions and conclusions from the conducted research.

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Frequently asked questions
How long does it take to conduct an online survey?

The time required to conduct an online survey depends on several factors: - the sample size - the characteristics of the sample - the complexity of the questionnaire Our experts can estimate the survey completion time on an individual basis. Please contact us at

Can I commission an online survey with you?

Yes, Biostat Research and Development Center® has been providing comprehensive research services for over a decade. We can conduct research for you, prepare research tools, and interpret the results.

Can I conduct an online survey on my own?

We have prepared a dedicated program for our clients to conduct online surveys - SurvGo. Thanks to its advanced questionnaire creation module, various methods of collecting responses, and a module that facilitates the analysis of collected results, you can quickly and inexpensively conduct your research.

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